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Refresher Dive
Refresher Dive


(For certified divers only)

If you haven´t dived for a while and want to re-hone your skills, Kalkan Dive Centre is in a great location for a refresher dive. Diving is carried out from the shore at Kalamar Beach Club.

You will re-visit gear assembly and usage, dive planning, underwater communications and water entry. You will be accompanied by one of the Dive Centre´s professionals for the whole of the underwater experience. Underwater you can practice any of the dive skills of which you feel a little "rusty". The Centre would normally recommend refreshing the skills of mask clearing, mask removal and replacement, regulator recovery, buddy breathing from octopus and alternately shared first-stage regulators and some buoyancy control exercises as a minimum.

You will then be escorted on a shore dive of about 30 minutes duration before returning to the Centre to practice gear dismantling and cleaning. For guests with logbooks the Centre will certify the refresher dive and note the skills practiced therein.

Refresher dives can be carried out, by arrangement, any day after about 10.00hrs until late afternoon when underwater visibility declines rapidly. The total duration, including gearing up and briefing, will be about 2 hours.

Price £30

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The Kalkan Dive Centre is a PADI Five Star Dive Centre.
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